One and a half week post-op

Monday was my one week post-op and I officially got to start pureed foods. I get to eat refried beans, Greek yogurt, sugar-free pudding, ricotta bake, strained soups, and scrambled egg whites. I add unflavored protein powder to the beans, pudding, and soup to help get my protein in.

So far things have gone very smoothly. I eat about a tablespoon at a time right now. As the swelling continues to go down in my stomach I’ll be able to eat a little more.  However, even eating every hour, with only eating a tablespoon at a time, I’m only able to get in about 300 calories in a day. This is messing with my head. As a recovering bulimic, seeing the number 300 consistently in MyFitnessPal makes me want to only eat under 300 calories in a day. It makes me scared for when I can eat more because that means more calories. It’s also a mind trip to be eating all day long and to only get to 300 calories.

It is very tedious eating all day. By the time 6 or 7pm comes around, I don’t want to eat anymore. I’m also already tired of eating the things I’m allowed to eat. I am looking forward, in a week and a half, to eating soft foods. That will greatly expand what I can eat.


4 thoughts on “One and a half week post-op

  1. Yes, it is nice to get to soft foods. Sounds like you’re doing very well. Getting your fluids down is a big deal, so pat yourself on the back! Yes, the calories can mess with your head. Enjoy taking the journey with you. 😊

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  2. Good job on your first week and a half!! I’m thrilled for you that you’re getting your fluids and protein in so diligently. 🙂 Unfortunately eating and drinking such small quantities so frequently *does* feel like an endless chore!! It definitely gets better over time. Small amounts of soup (with unflavored protein added in) saved me back in those days – lots of flavor variety and puree’ing it made a lot of options doable. I lived on pureed lentil soup and vegetable soup! 🙂 Premade protein pudding and sugar free popsicles were go-to’s as well. Hang in there! You’re doing great!!

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  3. Yay for refried beans! I just bought a can yesterday, Bearitos fat free at 80 calories a serving. Enjoy your new flavors and textures. Btw, I’m not a sleever but I’m “obese” according to my recent hospitalization and know I need to eat cleaner and better. Following your blog and Instagram help me. Have a great day!

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