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3 Weeks Post-op

I went camping this weekend for the first time since surgery. It was phenomenal! Here’s a picture of me sitting at the river side while my brothers fished. This was about 2pm. I went fishing for about 3 hours but after that time, my abdomen started to get sore so I took the rest of the day off and just kept my 3 brothers company while they fished. We fished on the lake, in the river, and on the pond and it was a a fun, wonderful, relaxing day.

Figuring out camping food for the weekend was interesting because I was still on pureed foods, but I got it all worked out and had a splendid time. The hardest part was letting my brothers set up and tear down and carry all the heavy stuff.

This morning was my 3 week post-op nutrition class. I advance today from purees to soft foods. I’m sooo excited! This opens up so many food options for me. I was getting tired of soups and yogurt and beans. I can now have things like fish and seafood, canned chicken, deli meats and cheeses, ground meat, nut butters, etc. Real food again! I can now eat up to 3 ounces if I’m able, but I know my stomach only holds about 2 ounces still, and I get to go from eating every 2 hours to every 3 hours!

Overall I’m down 22 pounds from the date of surgery and 57 pounds total since I started my weight loss journey. I haven’t regretted this surgery for a moment yet, though I know I could potentially regret it during hard times in the future. There’s always that possibility. But for now, in this moment, I am content.