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My surgery is scheduled for less than 3 weeks away. I’m still waiting to hear that it’s been approved by my insurance, which is nerve-wracking. As my surgery date gets closer, I get more and more excited. I’m not really nervous at this point, but I anticipate that will come the day or two beforehand.

I have so much to do before surgery. I need to pack up my whole house and I’m running out of time. I was camping this last weekend and yesterday I spent the whole day babysitting for my sister who just had surgery for her broken arm. Next week I am busy every day, and will be gone Sunday through Tuesday and next Friday through the following Tuesday. So, I am running out of time to pack everything, which makes me a little anxious.

The anxiety from the not know whether insurance will approve my surgery in time and the excitement about the surgery itself and the worry about whether I can get everything done feels like a tug-of-war inside me. I feel so full of emotion right now.