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For over 4 weeks I have been in a stall, going up and down between the same 2 pounds. Today, I finally broke that stall and hit a HUGE milestone at the same time! I am finally under 400 pounds! I’ve lost almost 10 BMI points. I am ecstatic!

I also got a measuring tape today and measured myself. I’m down a total of 28 inches! I’ve also lost 7 inches in my chest, which is really showing, both in the mirror, and in my bras.

So while I may not have been losing the last almost 5 weeks, I have been losing inches and I’m excited about that.

Monday is 6 weeks out. I have my 6 week post-op class Monday morning. I’ll be opened up for more foods, such as steak, pork, nuts, and fresh fruits and vegetables. I’m excited. I also get to work out more starting Monday, walk more often, and further. Start using weights and my bike. Plus I can lift things again and go swimming!

I’m starting to feel like a normal person again. Except today, today every time I stood up, I got dizzy. I’m not sure what was up with that. I’ve also been getting headaches every day in the afternoon. My fibromyalgia has seemed to have gotten worse since surgery. But overall, I am starting to feel better than right after surgery. More energy and more like myself.

Even with the frustration that was a nearly 5 week stall when I’m only about 6 weeks out, I have never regretted my decision. I am so thankful for this tool. And as of today, I’m 22 pounds down from the day of surgery. I never could have done that in less than 6 weeks before. I am so grateful. I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me.


Sunday Weigh-in 1/8/17

Now, first of all, I just want to say that I had zero idea that a 3 gallon tub of ice cream weighed so much. Also, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a 3 gallon tub of ice cream.

My protein shake samples have been starting to arrive. I’m reviewing one a day over on instagram, so if you don’t follow me over there, head on over and check them out (link at the top of the page, “Where else can you find me?”). Once I’m done trying them all, I’ll come on here and make a summary of the best and worst ones for you.

So this was my first full week on the new higher dosage of Vyvanse and I can definitely tell a difference. I didn’t have any binges this week. I wasn’t mind-hungry or preoccupied with food like I normally am. This made it pretty easy to stay within my calorie goal each day. For the first part of the week, I felt like the weight just wasn’t coming off regardless. I worked out 4 times this week and even doing that and staying within my goal I didn’t seem to be losing. I was discouraged, but for once I didn’t say “screw it” and eat a bunch of junk food to make myself feel better.

Then, slowly, the weigh started to come off. 0.6 pounds here, 0.4 pounds there, but it started coming off, and now I’m down almost 4 pounds from my last official weigh-in. If I can keep up that momentum, I will be able to lose enough weight to qualify for the surgery at the same time I finish my medically supervised weight loss at the end of March.

My goals for this week are to stay within my calorie goal, to drink 100 oz of water a day, and to work out 4-5 times.

Beginning weight: 460
Last weight: 439.6
Current weight: 435.8

Updates on my road to surgery

I saw my weight loss doctor today. I was down 6 pounds from when I saw her last. Not as much as I’d hoped when I initially set the appointment, but I’m satisfied with that after the rough time I had with Christmas.

She informed me that I’m halfway through my 6-month mandatory doctor-managed weight loss period. This is a 6-month period my insurance requires me to work with a weight loss doctor for them to pay for my weight loss surgery. It was so encouraging to hear that I’m already halfway through it! I still have 37 pounds to lose to be eligible for the surgery. That’s 12.46 pounds a month in the next 3 months if I’m going to finish at the same time as I finish my required 6 month weight loss period. I don’t know if I can lose 12.46 pounds a month, but my original goal for January was to lose 10 pounds so that’s only 2.46 pounds more than that each month.

I have finally incorporated exercise into my routine. I had been “working on” doing it for the last few months, but hadn’t actually gotten around to doing it. However, I have worked out 3 time now, and 2 times so far this week. I am starting slow, I haven’t worked out in over a year. I could only do 10 minutes on my stationary bike my first time. However, I did 15 minutes yesterday and am going to try to bump it up to 20 minutes today.

If I can lose those 25 pounds in the next 2 months, I will schedule my follow up appointment with my surgeon for early April. I will be done with my required 6 months by then, and will be either eligible for the surgery or very close to the weight I need to be at for surgery by then. Then I can start setting up my appointments with the psychiatrist and the bariatric nutritionist, which both need to happen before the surgery. I’ll get more information on those when I meed with my surgeon in April. My biggest fear is going through all this work and not getting cleared by the psychiatrist for surgery. That would devastate me. I don’t actually know what would cause him or her to say I don’t qualify and I’m sure I’ll do fine, but I still worry. I’m looking forward to meeting with the bariatric nutritionist to get more information on my pre-op and post-op diets and when I need to start the pre-op one and for how long it will be. I’ve seen them run the gamut of 5 days before surgery to several month before surgery. I’m hoping I just need the standard 2 week liquid pre-op diet, but we’ll see. We shall see.

Starting the New Year Off Right

I am determined to start off 2017 well. Part of that is having the right attitude, an attitude of gratitude. So, I ordered the above book off of Amazon! I’m so excited to focus on gratitude throughout 2017! I have looked for gratitude journals before but haven’t found what I was looking for. Then, a friend posted the link to this on her Facebook page. I checked it out and I think it will be phenomenal!

In other news, I learned that my vitamin D is low. My rheumatologist, who checked my vitamin D levels, prescribed a weekly vitamin D supplement for me. Vitamin D deficiency often doesn’t present any symptoms, but it can show up in the form of fatigue, and may explain why I’ve felt so fatigued lately. Hopefully the supplement makes me feel better.

I’ll be spending New Year’s Eve with my brothers. We’re making homemade tacos and probably drinking. Saturday will be a high calorie day. Sunday, my whole family is going to see the new Star Wars movie, then we’re gathering at my sister’s place for second Christmas. One of my sisters and her family were out of town (visiting her in-laws) for Christmas, so we’re getting together to give her and her family their Christmas gifts and stockings.

Next Wednesday I meet with the weight loss doctor and I’m dreading it. I have gained so much weight over the Christmas season that I’m not looking forward to meeting with her and explaining why I’ve gained weight since I last came in. But there’s not much I can do about it. Maybe she’ll have tips and advice for me, and at least I don’t have to deal with Christmas for another year, and hopefully by then I’ll be sleeved.

And in other random news, I’ve decided, when I can afford it (probably February) I’m going to get a 3D printer and print ALL THE THINGS. I’ve already saved a bunch of models that I want to print out.

And finally, today, for the first time in over a year, I exercised! I used my stationary bike while playing GTA V this morning. It was hard, but it actually felt really good. I hope to keep this up and not let it be a one time deal.

Wellness Journal



I bought this wellness journal about a year ago when I thought I would be having bariatric surgery. However, when the surgeon told me I weighed too much for surgery and I went into my depression, I didn’t see a need for the journal anymore.

Well now, the weight loss specialist has me tracking everything I eat and drink, so I once again have a use for the journal. I’ll be showing it to the dietitian on November 9th and she’ll help me set up a healthier meal plan.

I put the journal on my table so I see it at every meal and remember to write in it. So far it worked, I kept track of everything from yesterday.

Today I’m going to try to add in a little exercise. Not much, probably 10 minutes, if I can even do that. But I have to start somewhere.