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On the other side

So I was sleeved Monday morning, the 26th. When I first woke up in recovery, I was in the absolute worst pain of my life, both in my abdomen and my chest. I was also ridiculously nauseous. I was afraid I was going to feel like that forever, but they were able to get the pain under control in about 2 hours and I was finally taken to my room. I spent Monday night in the hospital. I got to go home yesterday afternoon after proving I could take in enough water and protein drinks.

Since getting home, I’ve made a setup like above with my little solo cups and a 10 minute reminder. I drink through those 6 cups in an hour, 4 cups of water and 2 cups of protein drink. Then, after finishing all my cups, I go for a short walk, about 10 minutes. Afterward, I come back, refill my cups, and start over again. So, staying hydrated and walking are taking all my time at the moment. I don’t mind, though. ┬áThis is what I signed up for. I knew it coming in. And I’m so happy to finally be sleeved.


An Introduction, Why I’m Here

I determined some time ago that if I ever got up the nerve  to ask my doctor for a referral for weight loss surgery, I would chronicle my journey in a blog. Well, today I finally worked up that nerve, so here I am!

I have been considering weight loss surgery for about a year now. My doctor was actually the one who suggested it to me, as an alternative to binging and purging. Yes, I am a morbidly obese bulimic. I wanted the surgery as soon as she suggested it, but she wouldn’t recommend me for surgery until I went through treatment and proved I could be purge and laxative free for a period of months.

I finally reached 5 months purge-free and laxative-free, after much hard work and determination. Still, I was nervous about asking my doctor. There is a lot of stigma surrounding weight loss surgery. I don’t even want to tell my closest friends or family that I’m considering it. However, I believe it can be the motivation I need to stay recovery-focused, and I think it can improve my quality of life. So, after much thought and research and a deep breath, I asked my doctor for the referral.

My doctor was ecstatic because she knew I wouldn’t be asking if I hadn’t reached my goal of being purge and laxative free and she’s walked with me through the road of bulimia and hospitals and the side effects of bulimia for many years and she is possibly more excited about my recovery than I am. It’s still so surreal to me.

It’s just the first step. I’ve only gotten as far as asking for a referral, but I’ve started the journey and I’m here to write about it.