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On the other side

So I was sleeved Monday morning, the 26th. When I first woke up in recovery, I was in the absolute worst pain of my life, both in my abdomen and my chest. I was also ridiculously nauseous. I was afraid I was going to feel like that forever, but they were able to get the pain under control in about 2 hours and I was finally taken to my room. I spent Monday night in the hospital. I got to go home yesterday afternoon after proving I could take in enough water and protein drinks.

Since getting home, I’ve made a setup like above with my little solo cups and a 10 minute reminder. I drink through those 6 cups in an hour, 4 cups of water and 2 cups of protein drink. Then, after finishing all my cups, I go for a short walk, about 10 minutes. Afterward, I come back, refill my cups, and start over again. So, staying hydrated and walking are taking all my time at the moment. I don’t mind, though. ┬áThis is what I signed up for. I knew it coming in. And I’m so happy to finally be sleeved.


Updates on my road to surgery

I saw my weight loss doctor today. I was down 6 pounds from when I saw her last. Not as much as I’d hoped when I initially set the appointment, but I’m satisfied with that after the rough time I had with Christmas.

She informed me that I’m halfway through my 6-month mandatory doctor-managed weight loss period. This is a 6-month period my insurance requires me to work with a weight loss doctor for them to pay for my weight loss surgery. It was so encouraging to hear that I’m already halfway through it! I still have 37 pounds to lose to be eligible for the surgery. That’s 12.46 pounds a month in the next 3 months if I’m going to finish at the same time as I finish my required 6 month weight loss period. I don’t know if I can lose 12.46 pounds a month, but my original goal for January was to lose 10 pounds so that’s only 2.46 pounds more than that each month.

I have finally incorporated exercise into my routine. I had been “working on” doing it for the last few months, but hadn’t actually gotten around to doing it. However, I have worked out 3 time now, and 2 times so far this week. I am starting slow, I haven’t worked out in over a year. I could only do 10 minutes on my stationary bike my first time. However, I did 15 minutes yesterday and am going to try to bump it up to 20 minutes today.

If I can lose those 25 pounds in the next 2 months, I will schedule my follow up appointment with my surgeon for early April. I will be done with my required 6 months by then, and will be either eligible for the surgery or very close to the weight I need to be at for surgery by then. Then I can start setting up my appointments with the psychiatrist and the bariatric nutritionist, which both need to happen before the surgery. I’ll get more information on those when I meed with my surgeon in April. My biggest fear is going through all this work and not getting cleared by the psychiatrist for surgery. That would devastate me. I don’t actually know what would cause him or her to say I don’t qualify and I’m sure I’ll do fine, but I still worry. I’m looking forward to meeting with the bariatric nutritionist to get more information on my pre-op and post-op diets and when I need to start the pre-op one and for how long it will be. I’ve seen them run the gamut of 5 days before surgery to several month before surgery. I’m hoping I just need the standard 2 week liquid pre-op diet, but we’ll see. We shall see.