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Preparing for Surgery



This morning I had to go to the hospital where I’ll be having my surgery to have pre-op testing. I had to get labs done, get an EKG, and give a medical history, as well as go over instructions for the day of surgery, register for surgery, and pay my copay. I can’t believe that surgery is next Monday, the 26th! I’m so excited, yet so impatient for it to come!

Thursday I have to start my bowel prep. I start with metamucil for 2 days, then metamucil and colace for 2 days. Friday, I start clear liquids, and can’t take certain of my medications up until surgery. ┬áStarting midnight the night before surgery, no food or liquids, including water. I can take certain medications the morning of surgery with a sip of water. The night before surgery and the morning of I need to shower with fragrance-free soap. My surgery is scheduled for 11:30am on Monday, and I need to report at the hospital at 8:30am.

I was given a fast pass today so I don’t have to take my ID, insurance card, or bank card to the hospital on the day of surgery, which makes me feel much better, since I won’t have anyone at the hospital to watch my things. I have packed my robe, slippers, the dress I’m coming home in, and my fast-pass in my hospital bag. Everything else I’ll need to pack the morning of because it’s stuff I need between now and then like my phone, phone charger, etc. However, I’m not taking a lot to the hospital. If my previous surgeries are any indication, I’ll be sleeping a lot except when they wake me to walk around or drink.

I’m almost done packing and getting things ready to move. Hopefully, I’ll be done by the time I start clear liquids on Friday. Then I can just relax, redo my nails, and get myself ready to have surgery.